Monday, 28 November 2016

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The applications and software installed on your Dell PC are designed to make your life easier. Our application and software support connects you to solutions

Dell Support Center is a software agent provided by Dell at no extra cost

Dell Support receives content updates automatically over an active Internet connection and display them on a little message window that appear next . 


That might/might not be a display problem. The best way to check is to hold down the "D" key on the keyboard while turning on the laptop. That launches just the display diagnostic.

If you see colors flashing, it means there is nothing wrong with your display.

 For a more detailed diagnostic, hold down the "fn" key on your laptop while powering it on. That launches the full Dell Diagnostic.

You can try opening up the front-panel and re-seating the display adapter if the Display test fails. 

For further steps 

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