Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How To Restore or Reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer

*original title - Restore Windows Vista - I have do not have installation CD. The only installatsion CD I have is a reinstallation cd for microsoft windows XP home edition SP2.*

I recently experienced some problems with Windows Defender.  I tried to do a system restore but I was unable to go back far enough prior to the problem.  I was then advised through reading forums and asking serveral questions here that my other option was to do a complete system re-installation for Windows Vista.  I have no problem with this however, I do not have a CD to do this and no one I know does either.  

My laptop is a Dell and it recieved through the college I was attending after I graduated.   Probably about a year ago my hard drive failed.  I had the hard drive replaced and the program that was then installed on my computer was Windows Vista (32bit)  which worked fine and was great until now.  The Dell originally had Windows XP home edition SP2 so that is the only reinstallation disk I have.  The disc specifically states it is not for 
 reinstallation of programs or drivers.... can I now revert back to Windows SP2?? I'm just not sure how that works or what it would do..  Can you please suggest some options??? or advice?....

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