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check1 No Power

Computers have a power indicator that glows when it is receiving power. On Desktops the front panel of the computer case has LED near the power button. Try the following steps to resolve a desktop no-powering situation:

Try a different wall outlet, and power it on
Reseat the power cord which is connected to "Power Supply" of the tower and power the Desktop on
Swap the power cord of the Monitor with the system power cord and power on the Desktop

Check2 No POST

The term POST refers to Power-On Self-Test which is a series of checks the computer goes through whenever it starts. If the computer fails any of these tests, it will stop the start-up process.

Indications of a failed POST include:

If the computer is displaying the Dell logo and does not move past that point, it has probably failed POST.
If the power indicator lights up and it is amber or orange, this is usually an indicator that it has failed POST.

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