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How To Restore or Reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell l +1-855-517-2433



System Restore is a built-in Windows tool designed to protect and repair the operating system. When something goes wrong with your computer, System Restore should be used prior to restoring to factory condition

 Microsoft Windows is the installation of Microsoft Windows in computers before . In 1999, Dell stated that it only offered non-Microsoft operating systems on servers and as part of customized large orders 

Microsoft Windows (or simply Windows) is a metafamily of graphical operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.


I recently experienced some problems with Windows Defender.  I tried to do a system restore but I was unable to go back far enough prior to the problem.  I was then advised through reading forums and asking serveral questions here that my other option was to do a complete system re-installation for Windows Vista.  I have no problem with this however, I do not have a CD to do this and no one I know does either. 


My laptop is a Dell and it recieved through the college I was attending after I graduated.   Probably about a year ago my hard drive failed.  I had the hard drive replaced and the program that was then installed on my computer was Windows Vista (32bit)  which worked fine and was great until now.  The Dell originally had Windows XP home edition SP2 so that is the only reinstallation disk I have.  The disc specifically states it is not for


How to Install the Audio Driver After Re-installing the Operating System in Dell l +1-855-517-2433


If there is no audio after reinstalling Windows it is usually because the drivers were not installed in the correct order. Often you will get an error message
, because the Notebook System Software and chipset drivers were not installed correctly

 Audio chip on the motherboard is not recognized. In this situation "usually" a fresh install of the OS is not required, just re-installing the NSS and chipset correctly. If that doesn't work then a full re-installation may be necessary.

a. Dell Notebook System Software (on your downloads page expand the System Utilities category). Download, install and restart.

b. Intel Mobile Chipset software (expand the Chipset category). Download, install and restart.
(Models with AMD cpu use the AMD processor driver.)

c. Install the drivers including the audio driver (expand the Audio category).
Install only the Crystal, Sigmatel, IDT, or Realtec. If there is any Creative Labs or Audigy software in your Audio category do not install it before the regular audio drivers are installed and working properly. An attempt to install the Creative Labs software before the audio driver can cause Windows Audio Service to permanently shut down. 

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Dell laptop booting problems l +1-855-517-2433

dell laptop
                                           Dell Booting  issues

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It might not be terribly cheap, but Dell's Inspiron 1420 offers plenty of portable power and options without sacrificing fun.

Every Dell laptop comes with a sticker on the back of the device. This sticker reveals basic information about the machine and provides the user with a service.

1.Verify the Computer Finishes Initial Power-Up (POST)
2.Unplug All External Devices
3.Check for Specific Error Messages
4.Run a Computer Diagnostic
5.Boot the Computer into Safe Mode

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The applications and software installed on your Dell PC are designed to make your life easier. Our application and software support connects you to solutions

Dell Support Center is a software agent provided by Dell at no extra cost

Dell Support receives content updates automatically over an active Internet connection and display them on a little message window that appear next . 


That might/might not be a display problem. The best way to check is to hold down the "D" key on the keyboard while turning on the laptop. That launches just the display diagnostic.

If you see colors flashing, it means there is nothing wrong with your display.

 For a more detailed diagnostic, hold down the "fn" key on your laptop while powering it on. That launches the full Dell Diagnostic.

You can try opening up the front-panel and re-seating the display adapter if the Display test fails. 

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Dell desktop does not turn on l +1-855-517-2433

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check1 No Power

Computers have a power indicator that glows when it is receiving power. On Desktops the front panel of the computer case has LED near the power button. Try the following steps to resolve a desktop no-powering situation:

Try a different wall outlet, and power it on
Reseat the power cord which is connected to "Power Supply" of the tower and power the Desktop on
Swap the power cord of the Monitor with the system power cord and power on the Desktop

Check2 No POST

The term POST refers to Power-On Self-Test which is a series of checks the computer goes through whenever it starts. If the computer fails any of these tests, it will stop the start-up process.

Indications of a failed POST include:

If the computer is displaying the Dell logo and does not move past that point, it has probably failed POST.
If the power indicator lights up and it is amber or orange, this is usually an indicator that it has failed POST.

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Problems with desktop monitor l +1-855-517-2433


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Dell is a direct partner to businesses and consumers that delivers innovative technology and services.

 Content Management provides secure, scalable enterprise content management (ECM) solutions giving businesses flexible access

Dell Software, was a division of Dell a multinational provider of IT solutions with headquarters in Round Rock, Texas


1.Screen, Icon, or Font Size Too Small or Too Big

2.Blank Screen or No Video

3.Fuzzy, Blurry, or Color Problems

4.Brightness, Contrast, or Geometrical Problems

5.Additional Information

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