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How to Install the Audio Driver After Re-installing the Operating System in Dell

If there is no audio after reinstalling Windows it is usually because the drivers were not installed in the correct order. Often you will get an error message, because the Notebook System Software and chipset drivers were not installed correctly and the audio chip on the motherboard is not recognized. In this situation "usually" a fresh install of the OS is not required, just re-installing the NSS and chipset correctly. If that doesn't work then a full re-installation may be necessary. [Note that if you re-installed the operating system by using "PC Restore" or " Image Restore" you do not need to re-install the drivers because they were included in the restoration image. This is the best method of re-installing the OS because you avoid all of the problems that can occur when installing the drivers.]

and use the dropdown box there to select your Operating System. Install in this order:

Dell Notebook System Software (on your downloads page expand the System Utilities category). Download, install and restart.

b. Intel Mobile Chipset software (expand the Chipset category). Download, install and restart.

(Models with AMD cpu use the AMD processor driver.)

c. Install the drivers including the audio driver (expand the Audio category).'

Install only the Crystal, Sigmatel, IDT, or Realtec. If there is any Creative Labs or Audigy software in your Audio category do not install it before the regular audio drivers are installed and working properly. An attempt to install the Creative Labs software before the audio driver can cause Windows Audio Service to permanently shut down.


On the downloads page you will see the terms "optional" and "recommended". These terms are guidelines for when you are updating a driver. They do not apply to the situation described here when you are installing drivers after a fresh Windows installation, so ignore them for now.

Windows XP SP1 should be upgraded to SP2 before installing the audio driver, but SP 2 may require that the UAA hotfix be installed. Get it from . Windows XP SP3 already has the UAA hotfix.

If there are problems with the downloaded drivers and if you have the original OS reinstallation disc & the drivers utility disc, I would install from those instead of downloading, because those will have the same configuration combination that is known to work on your computer (the same configuration that was on the computer when it was new) then after the audio is working you can go online to update the
drivers if necessary.

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